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Fall/Winter 2021

List of 4 news stories.

  • Tomorrow's Syllabus, Today

    Knight Based Learning teaches students to see connections between STEM and the humanities—but also the grit, flexibility, and adaptability needed to succeed in a new-age workforce.
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  • Q.E.D. - Above All Else: Brotherhood

    By challenging a panel of students and faculty to ponder a question or issue, their conversation gives rise to a collective mindset that defines the spirit of the school. In this issue, we ask, "What makes the CM brotherhood important now more than ever?”
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  • Full Circle: Reflecting on the CM Difference

    When Kevin Costello '63 first walked through the doors of Catholic Memorial, he did not dream that this school would change his life. Looking back, CM's influence has left an indelible mark.
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  • CHARACTER MATTERS - I Am Because We Are

    At CM, the belief that the power of the individual comes from the well-being of the collective is reinforced through scripture or parables. Now, another viewpoint has emerged: "Ubuntu."
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