• Spring-Summer 2021

List of 7 news stories.

  • Not the 2:45 Club

    At CM, going home after the final bell will get you some strange looks. What it won't get you, however, is the chance to tread the boards, gain serious public speaking chops, or experience how one of the world's largest governing bodies operates. 

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  • Play-by-Play - Calling the Audible

    For the new #1 team in the state having fun meant an unbeaten season.
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  • Q.E.D. - Why the Humanities?

    By gathering a panel of high school seniors and faculty to ponder a question or issue, their conversation gives rise to a collective mindset that defines the spirit of the school. In this issue, we ask “In an age of fast-moving technology, artificial intelligence and computer code, do the humanities still have anything to offer?”

    The question is set. All the panel has to do is demonstrate its truth, hence Quod Erat Demonstrandum.
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  • The Spark Within the Soul

    Creativity is at the intersection of knowledge, thinking and motivation. Three examples perfectly illustrate this truth and asks whether art is less of a discipline and more of an expression of complete education.
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  • CHARACTER MATTERS - Lunch Lessons

    A math teacher and an English teacher sit together and eat each day. How do they communicate? Between bites, of course.
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  • Full Circle - The Connection is Still Strong

    Jim Blue ’82 recalls the patchwork of people who shaped him at CM, and how he adds to this experiential quilt.
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  • Reflection to Perspective

    Dr. Peter Folan
    The CM brotherhood, it’s about hard work and heart.
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