Reflection to Perspective

By Dr. Peter Folan
The CM brotherhood, it’s about hard work and heart.
This spring, CM was ranked first in the state in Speech & Debate and football. These programs demonstrate CM’s commitment to pursuing excellence in all facets of student life, regardless of a pandemic.
Inspired by Hall of Famers Br. Anthony Cavet and Coach John DiBiaso, our students have achieved unprecedented results through their dedication and hard work. The CM Speech & Debate Team won its fourth state championship in five years. Our incredible scholars, thinkers, and performers have developed an impressive speech catalogue that extends from traditional poems and recitations to creative modern adaptations. The team’s command of rhetoric and oratory skills along with their love of humanities have cemented CM as a national program.
In the past three years, our varsity football team reached the Division 1 Super Bowl or has been ranked the top team in the state. This spring, our team overcame many injuries and utilized creative formations to win the Catholic Conference for the second straight year. Given that CM is the smallest D1 school, our student-athletes inspired all with their incredible heart, hard work, and grit. Both rosters are filled with young men from urban and suburban zip codes, different races, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, and religions. United by bonds of brotherhood, their consistent success requires that novices are welcomed, fundamentals taught, mastery sought, creativity fostered, and work ethic instilled.
As a small school, it is critical that so many of our students play multiple sports, act in the play, or lead a retreat. These experiences define our campus culture and shape the character of those who embrace the challenge. Our approach also ensures we graduate Catholic Renaissance men—true scholars who own the skills of critical thinking, hard work, the art of reflection, and the virtue of prayer.
The seniors of both championship teams inspire younger classmates by acting as peer coaches and role models, passing on traditions and core values. These men are going on to our nation’s top colleges and universities next year: Bentley, Boston College, Brown, Duke, Holy Cross, Northeastern, Stanford, Union, University of Rochester, and Wesleyan. While they have set a high mark for underclassmen to replicate, these seniors have also handed down the secret of the CM Brotherhood, which is hard work and heart.
- Dr. Peter Folan, President